International Consulting Services

Name: Matthew Rover   
Age: 58
USA Passport

30 Years of experience in over 48 Countries

Information Technology: Software/Hardware/Systems Analysis
Research - Inspection - Photos - Video - Documents - Reports and more

Languages: English, Mandarin, some Spanish, German,
French, Cantonese, Thai, Malay-Indonesian

Confidential - Reliable - Efficient

Strong technical, verbal and written communication skills
Meet Matthew:
Matthew is a traveler, an adventurer and a people person. He has 35 years of experience with computer technology, software, professional photography and extensive experience with video. He has acted in plays and TV shows, TV series, TV specials and has even made it to the big screen a few times. He has interviewed on radio, authored books, handled groups of travelers across the globe and solved problems that have challenged many others. He can retrieve information, document findings, and research any situation at just about any location in the world. He is also a gifted trainer and teacher with over 30 years of experience and is a natural when it comes to public speaking. He is available for assignments from 5 days minimum to 6 months and beyond. He is personable and client focused.

You can rely on Matthew to handle your information technology challenges, check on a suppliers and pricing, acquire goods and services, investigate concerns, document, research and photograph - or video - people, places, and things. Contact Matthew for any project or task you may have in mind. He is a responsive and reliable agent ready to serve.
Contact: or call +1 (937) 839-2834

International Consulting